4 thoughts on “Private Road HO decals”

  1. A very nice array of decals many of which are rare and unusual.
    Pages B2, B9, and B14 are blurry and out of focus. Can this be resolved ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I still have several of your sets I bought at Midwest Trains in Bettendorf years ago. Things have changed – Midwest Trains is gone, we moved from the Quad Cities to the Cleveland, OH area, but I still do trains.
    Any chance you have decals for Walthers Great Northern ore cars? I have several undec and other road cars I’d like to add to my GN ore train. If not in your current line, would you consider a custom run? I don’t have art work, but could provide a decorated car.
    Are you still in Bettendorf?

    1. Yes we are still in Bettendorf, just doing on line sales, mail order.
      I’ll have to check my decal inventory and get back to you.

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