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snail-mail from the Midwest sent to East and West coasts of USA.

  about 7 to  10 business days.

Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers!

We answer our Herald King Decal e-mails daily and ship within 1-2 days after payment.

Check out My Gallery. 2018 for NEW updated pictures of our line of HO scale decals available NOW. Thanks for looking.

Seaboard System
CNW hoppers
DS-2 Diesel chevron 30 degree
DS-3 Diesel side sill hash marks 45 degree
Brt Green, Dark Green, Gold Ochre Dulux

PDF file of decals in stock


2018 August with a heat index of 104F. Time to stay in the A/C and work on decals.

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We are still updating and trying to make enlarge our images and create links to make it more user-friendly. In the process, I’ve managed to lose 10 catalog pages of boxcars, so more work to be done. Thanks for your patients 🙁

2018 -Working on uploading Hobby Train stock to our catalog with Square.  ALL New in box from our closed Train store.

C&NW red caboose 2 pack

WE love that customer share the pictures of finished models using our Herald King decals. We will share with their permission.

Find Train inventory that remained when we closed our brick and mortar store

thanks for looking

A customer requested Nickel Plate road

This is available
Hopper H-400,
L-400 & L-401 decals diesel hood units,
we do not have the baggage car decal

Herald King Decals for Locomotives are up. View our diagrams.

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Example 2: search “stock car”  and then scan it and you will find OT-S-10 STOCK CAR: Blk (1939) Wht Decal also OT-S-20

We are continuing to update our webpage   It is still under construction. It is a learning process and we hope to get it in order soon.

Midwest Trains Store in Bettendorf IA, We have lots of inventory left. Brick and Mortar Store was torn down for the new  I-74 Bridge.

Thanks for the continued support from our customer base we hope to remain actively supplying decals to our HO clients.

Some of our stock will be listed on E-bay check it out.


new I-74 bridge is coming