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 *OT-B10 RioGrand Boxcar, OT-C-21 Colorado Midland Caboose, 
 OT-PR-77 Champion Oils Green Tank car,
L-30 Santa Fe yellow lettering blue herald,
Z-30 Santa Fe Van blue and yellow herald  ,
 Z-31 Santa Fe Trailer blue & white herald
L-50 Norfolk and Western Black Diesel hood unit,white, 
Z-50 NW trailer,
C-71 Illinois Terminal white logo
B-102 SOO LINE 50’box car, 
H-103 SOO Line white & Red Herald 2 bay covered hopper, 
L-103 SOO Line black lettering,
B-113 DT&I 50′ box car white logo, 
C-111 DT&I caboose orange herald,
 C-112 GT orange caboose, white lettering
B-202 Western Pacific 50′ box car white lettering
B-251 ICG 50′ black herald, 
L-253 ICG switcher orange lettering, 
G-250 ICG gondola orange herald
L-252 Jersey Central ‘ blk herald and lettering,
 Z-260 red and white herald for Central of New Jersey
H-282 L&N covered hopper
B-323 Ann Arbor 40′ boxcar black and white herald,
B-330 LNAC 40′ boxcar red and white herald
B-390 BMIR 50′ caboose yellow red herald
B-347 Delaware & Hudson Gilford boxcar
H-460 Frisco open hopper white herald

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  • FUN fact: just Google Herald King Decals and you will find pictures customers have shared using our decals on their models.

2020 April 15th and we are still in lockdown at Herald King Decals in Iowa due to the Covic-19 virus with an increase of 11% in our area and still rising. Please stay home and save lives!

2020 March 29th Please stay at home and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are still doing mail orders and will continue to ship orders as long as the USPS is working. Enjoy your family and catch up on this great hobby of model railroading.

NMRA Datasheets info for freight car lettering

2020 and we are still in business.

Our hobby is still here and thankful to have customers that still support us. THANK YOU!


July 39th 2019

H-160 decal of Canadien National car HO scale, see our catalog page H19 for the diagram, be sure to place it on your order form today.

H-160 Canadian National decal

H-160 This Canadian National four bay 50 foot Gray Cylindrical Hopper car Custom Decorator Daniel Pikulski of Dan’s Resin Casting. Dan used our H-160 decal. I am very impressed with the level of his work. You can’t see any decal outlines which are an item we look for in all our freight cars.

Herald King Decal B-150 CV boxcar

PR-23 decal on the boxcar model
PR-23 decal , diagram in on catalog page B6
2019 April  updates on FB
 have partnered with custom decorator and want to share some of the models he’s painted using our decals.
PR-23 above picture diagram in boxcars page B6
2019 March
HO decals on our FaceBook page.
Helpful information can be found on It  has a magazine index of railroad journals for modelers.
Herald King Decals were referenced in “Rail Model Journal” June of 1980 to 2013 .
Our decal set L-190 was used to model MKT and reviewed by the author, Robert Schleicher, with pictures of the GP38-304, also athern model of the GP38-2 Missouri-Kansas-Texas no. 314
Updating our links to make and cross-reference decal sets with our catalog page# to make it easier to search.
face book page is Herald-King-Decals-
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We’ve had 30″ of snow so far this winter, so stay safe and warm and work on those HO RR decals 🙂 1/21/19
Happy New Year 2019
A big THANK you to all our loyal decal customers for your support!

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Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to all our loyal customers!

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Seaboard System ©2020The Herald King

CNW hoppers

DS-2 Diesel chevron 30 degree ©2020The Herald King

DS-3 Diesel side sill hash marks 45 degree

Brt Green, Dark Green, Gold Ochre Dulux ©2020 The Herald King

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2019 -Working on uploading Hobby Train stock  ALL New in box from our brick and mortar Train store.

C&NW red caboose 2 pack

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Find Train inventory that remained when we closed our brick and mortar store

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customer requested Nickel Plate road

This is available
Hopper H-400,
L-400 & L-401 decals diesel hood units,
we do not have the baggage car decal

Herald King Decals for Locomotives are up. View our diagrams.

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Midwest Trains Store in Bettendorf IA, We have lots of inventory left. Brick and Mortar Store was torn down for the new  I-74 Bridge. Thanks for the continued support from the customer base we hope to remain actively supplying decals to our HO clients.

Some of our stock will be listed on E-bay check it out trainenginerrick

2020 the new I-74 bridge is almost done