PR-1 BENNETT LUMBER PRODUCTS, BOXCAR: Blue 50′ (6-72) Red, Wht, Dk Blue & Blk Decal

PR-2 PACKERLAND PACKING, TANK CAR: Blk (1972)Wht, Yel & Grn Decal

PR-3 WELCH GRAIN, COV’D HOPPER: Grn (10-70) Wht Decal

PR-5 HUDSON’S BAY OIL & GAS, TANK CAR: Lime-Yel (1-69) Blk & Red Decal

PR-6 FMC CHEMICALS, COV’D HOPPER: Grey (2-72) Blk, Red & Wht Decal

PR-7 WISCONSIN ELECTRIC, GONDOLA: Unit Train, Grn (3-67) Wht Decal

PR-9 NEW JERSEY ZINC, TANK CAR: Blue & Wht (5­72) Blue, Wht & Blk Decal

PR-10 PENNSYLVANIA POWER & LIGHT, OPEN HOPPER: Unpainted ‘2-64) Red & Wht Decal

PR-11 CENTRAL SOYA, COV’D HOPPER: Wht & Blk (4­73) Blk, Blue & Red Decal

PR-13 NORCHEM, COV’D HOPPER: Blue 4-bay (10-73) Wht Decal

PR-14 PRECISION NATIONAL, DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Grn & Yel (1972) Grn, Yel, Blk & Red Decal

PR-15 WILLAMETTE INDUSTRIES, BOXCAR: Olive Grn 52′ (10-73) Wht Decal

PR-16 CHEMPLEX, COV’D HOPPER: Wht “ACF” (11-72) Blk, Red & Blue Decal

PR-19 SIMPSON TIMBER, BOXCAR: Red All-Door (7­73) Wht & Blk Decal

PR-20 WHITE HOUSE APPLE SAUCE, BOXCAR: Grn & Yel 50′ (6-73) Red; Grn & Wht Decal

PR-21 WHITE HOUSE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, TANK CAR: Yel & Grn 52′ (7-73) Red, Grn & Wht Decal

PR-22 FRANK BROS. FEED & GRAIN, COV’D HOPPER: Grey (9-73) Blk Decal

PR-23 EVANS PRODUCTS, BOXCAR: Chinese Red 52′ 5-70) Wht Decal

PR-24 VANS PRODUCTS, BOXCAR: Med Blue 52′ (9­73) Wht Decal

PR-25 EVANS PRODUCTS, BOXCAR: Med Blue & Wht 50′ (12-67) Blk, Grey & Wht Decal

PR-27 IDAHO FOREST INDUSTRIES, BOXCAR: Wht All Door (2-74) Grn & Blk Decal

PR-28 TEMPLE GYPSUM, COV’D HOPPER: Lt Grey “ACF” (12-71) Grn & Blk Decal

HOPPER Yel ( 10-73) Blk, Red & Brown Decal

PR-30 RALSTON PURINA, BOXCAR: Brt Red 52′ (12­73) Wht Decal

PR-31 ARTHUR A. POZZI, BOXCAR: Lt Grey 52′ (1-74)Blk & Med Blue Decal


PR-33 ROCOR RESINS, COV’D HOPPER: Lt Grey “ACF” (5-74) Blue & Blk_ Decal

R-35 TRAILER TRAIN, FLAT CAR: Yel 86′ “Piggy­back” (4-74) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-36 TRAILER TRAIN, FLAT CAR: Yel (3-74) Blk & Wht Deca

PR-37 WISCONSIN ELECTRIC, GONDOLA: Unit Train,Tan (3-73) Blk, Wht & Red Decal

PR-38 COOK INDUSTRIES, COV’D HOPPER: Grey “PS” (1-74) Blue & Blk Decal

PR-39 FARMERS CO-OP, COV’D HOPPER: Pink “PS” (4­74) Blk Decal

PR-40 FARMERS GRAIN DEALERS, COV’D HOPPER:Olive Grn “PS” (7-74) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-41 MANNING AGRIC. CTR, COV’D HOPPER: Red “PS” (4-74) Wht Decal

PR-42 CORN SWEETENERS, COV’D HOPPER: Yel “PS” (6-74) Blk Decal

PR-43 FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, COV’D HOPPER: Lt Blue (6-74) Wht, Blk, Red & Blue Decal

PR-44 RAILBOX, BOXCAR: Yel 50′ (2-75) Blk, Red & Blue Decal

OT-PR-45 PETER PEERBOLTE, REEFER: Yel (1930’s) Wht, Blue, Blk & Red Decal

PR-46 FAR-MAR-CO, COV’D HOPPER: Orange (1974) Blk, Wht, Yel & Brown Decal

PR-47 SCOULAR GRAIN, COV’D HOPPER: Yel (1974) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-48 THE ANDERSONS, COV’D HOPPER: Blue-Grey (1-74) Blk, Wht & Yel Decal
PR-49 ETHYL CORP., TANK CAR: Grey (1-74) Yel, Blk & Wht Decal

PR-50 PENNZOIL CO., TANK CAR: Silver 28′ (5-15) Yel, Red & Blk Decal

PR-51 GATX, TANK CAR: “Tank Train” Blk (12-74)Orange & Wht Decal

PR-52 CANADIAN GENERAL, TANK CAR: Blk (1974)Blue & Wht Decal


GP­35 Demo and BOOSTER UNIT: DD-35 Demo (7­63) Red Decal (Includes both units)

PR-54 EMD/GM DIESEL CAB UNIT: Blue, Alum & Blk, EA8 Demo (5-49) Blue, Red & Yel Decal

PR-55 EMD/GM DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Elec. Blue & Wht, SD-45X Demo (4-70) Wht Decal

PR-56 NORTHWEST HARDWOODS, BOXCAR: Yel 52′ ’10-741 Yel, Brown & Red-Orange Decal

PR-57 iROPICANA, BOXCAR: Blue 52′ (6-74) Wht & Orange Decal

PR-58 TROPICANA, MECH. REEFER: Wht 57’ (3-70) Grn, Blk & Orange Decal

PR-60 PLYWOOD MARKETIN[G, BOXCAR: Lt Grn 52″ (8­73) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-62 BASF WYANDOTTE, COV’D HOPPER: Olive Grn ‘ACF” (11-69) Wht Decal

PR-63 BASF WYANDOTTE, TANK CAR: Olive Grn 23′(1975) Wht Decal

PR-64 BASF WYANDOTTE, TANK CAR: Olive Grn 40′ (4­69) Wht Decal

PR-65 BASF WYANDOTTE, TANK CAR: Olive Grn 62′ (4­66) Wht Decal

PR-66 NORTH AMERICAN CAR, COV’D HOPPER: Lt Grey “PD” Test Ser (4-75) Blk, Red, Wht & Blue Decal

PR-67 FROEDTERT MALT, COV’D HOPPER: Grey “PS”(5-74) Blk, Wht & Red Decal

PR-68 CENEX, COV’D HOPPER: Lt Tan “PS” (3-73) Blk & Red Decal


PR-70 CORNING, COV’D HOPPER: Lt Grn & Wht “ACF” 2-bay (5-70) Blue & Blk Decal

PR-71 TERMINAL GRAIN, COV’D HOPPER: Wht “PS”(6-74) Red & Blk Decal

PR-72 MISSOURI FARMERS ASSOC., COV’D HOPPER:Wht “PS” (6-74) Blk, Red & Blue Decal

PR-73 COAST TRADING, COV’D HOPPER: Yel “PS” (8­74) Wht, Brown, Blk & Yel Decal

PR-75 LEXAN RESIN, COV’D HOPPER: Blue 4-bay (4­71) Wht Decal

PR-76 HAMPTON LUMBER, BOXCAR: Orange 52′ All Door (5-73) Blk, Wht & Orange Decal

OT-PR-77 CHAMPION OILS, TANK CAR: Grn (6-18) Wht Decal

Wht, Red & Blk Decal


PR-80 WESTERN FRUIT EXPRESS, BOXCAR: Yel-Gold 50′ (5-74) Blk Decal (BN Herald)

PR-81 BROOKS-SCANLON, BOXCAR: Yel 50′ All Door (2-74) Blk Decal

PR-82 CANADIAN FOREST PROD., BOXCAR: Antique Gold 50′ All Door (4-74) Dk Blue Decal

PR-84 NETHERLANDS OVERSEAS MILLS, BOXCAR: Yel, Blue & Blk 50′ All Door (8-74) Wht & Blue Decal

PR-85 MASONITE, BOXCAR: Grey, Wht & Blue 50’ All Door (5-72) Red, Wht & Blue Decal

PR-86 ARCO/POLYMERS, COV’D HOPPER: Blue “ACF” (3-74) Wht Decal

PR-87 SCLAIR POLYETHYLENE RESIN, COV’D HOPPER: Orange, Wht & Blk “ACF” (8-72) Blk Decal


PR-89 ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND CO., COV’D HOPPER: Blue “PS” (12-76) Wht & Blue Decal

PR-90 ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND CO., COV’D HOPPER: Yel “ACF” (8-77) Blk, Blue & Wht Decal

PR-91 CITY PUBLIC SERV. BD. OF SAN ANTONIO, GONDOLA: Unit Train, Blk & Red (12-76) Wht Decal

PR-92 DUPONT ALATHON, COV’D HOPPER: Brt Red “ACF” 3-bay (1-78) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-93 AMSTAR, 40′ TANK CAR: Dk & Lt Blue (1-77) Blk, Wht & Dk Blue Decal

PR-94 RAILBOX, BOXCAR: Yel 50′ (5-78) Blk, Red & Blue Decal

PR-95 ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND CO., COV’D HOPPER: Lt Blue 3-bay (9-77) Blk, Blue & White Decal

PR-96 CONSOLIDATED PAPERS INC., GONDOLA: Red (1-75) Red, Wht & Blue Deca

PR-97 GRAIN TERMINAL ASSOC., COV’D HOPPER: Grey “PS” (3-74) Blk, Red & Wht Decal

PR-98 PUBLIC SERV. CO. OF COLORADO, GONDOLA: Unit Train, Blk & Red (4-73) Wht Decal

PR-99 FMC CHEMICALS, COV’D HOPPER: Grey “ACF” 3-Bay (4-72) Blk & Red Decal

PR-100 CONTINENTAL GRAIN, COV’D HOPPER: White”PS” (7-74) Red, Ochre & Bilk Decal

PR-101 CON AGRA, COV’D HOPPER: Green “PS” (10­73) Wht Decal

PR-102 CARGILL, COV’D HOPPER: Yellow “PS” (10-70) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-103 CARGILL, COV’D HOPPER: Green “PS” (3-73) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-105 STERLING SALT, COV’D HOPPER: Lt. Grey “ACF” 3-Bay (8-74) Blk, Wht & Grey Decal

PR-106 LOUISIANA MIDLAND, COV’D HOPPER: Wht “PS” 3-Bay (11-77) Red & Purple Decal

PR-107 PUBLISHERS PAPER CO., TANK CAR: Wht (10-76) Blk & Dk Grn Decal

PR-108 NEW JERSEY ZINC CO., TANK CAR: Wht & Lt Grey .(8-78) Dk Blue Decal

PR-110 OKLAHOMA POWER CO., COAL GONDOLA: Blk & Lime Green (12-78) Wht Decal

PR-111 PRECISION NATIONAL, DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Dk Green (1980) Yel, Red & Blk Decal

PR-113 SOUTHWESTERN POWER CO., GONDOLA: Unit Train Blk & Orange (3-79) Wht Decal

PR-114 NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE, GON­DOLA: Unit Train Blk & Yel (12-78) Wht, Blk & Yel Decal

PR-115 PROCOR, BOXCAR: Dk Blue 52′ (4-76) Wht Decal

PR-116 PROCOR, COV’D HOPPER: Wht “PS” 4-bay ’12-77) Wht, Red & Blk Decal

PR-117 CANADIAN FOREST PRODUCTS, BOXCAR: Red& Yel 50′ (5-77) Red, Wht & Blk Decal

PR-118 CORN SWEETENERS, TANK CAR: Blk (2-76) Wht, Yel & Blue Decal

PR-119 CORN SWEETENERS, COV’D HOPPER: Grey “ACF” 4-bay (10-78) Blk, Wht, Yel & Blue Decal

PR-120 CORN SWEETENERS, TANK CAR: Blk (4-75) Wht, Yel & Blue Decal

PR-121 PEAVEY CO., COV’D HOPPER: Blue “PS” 3-bay (11-79) Red & Wht Decal

PR-122 CORN PRODUCTS, COV’D HOPPER: Yel “ACF” 4-bay (4-75) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-123 CORN PRODUCTS, TANK CAR: Yel & Blk (2-75)Bilk Decal

PR-124 WICKES AGRICULTURE, BOXCAR: Wht 52′ (11­69) Blk, Red & Blue Decal

PR-125 DEPENDABLE FEED- SERVICES, COV’D HOPPER: Yet “ACF” 4-bay (11-74) Blk & Brown Decal

PR-126 RAILGON, GONDOLA: Blk & Yel (6-80) Blk & Yel Decal

PR-127 GRANITE ROCK, OPEN HOPPER: Red-Orange 2-bay (10-79) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-128 MAGCOBAR DRESSER, BOXCAR: Orange 50′ (3-74) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-129 HERCULES PRO-FAX, COV’D HOPPER: Lt. Grey “ACF” 4-bay (12-74) Red, Wht, Blk & Yel Decal

PR-131 NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY, COV’D HOPPER: Wht “PS” 2-bay (9-70) Blue & Yel Decal

PR-132 R.E.M.X. CORP., REEFER: Antique Wht 50′ (3­76) Blk, Wht & Lt. Blue Decal

PR-133 PENZOIL, TANK CAR: Blk 62′ (10-67) Blk, Red & Yel Decal

PR-134 HERITAGE FUND, CYL. HOPPER: Br. Blue (3­81) Yel Decal

PR-135 POTACAN, CYL. HOPPER: Salmon Pink (10-68) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-137 POTASH CORP., CYL. HOPPER: Red (12-78) Blk & Wht Decal

PR-138 SCOULAR, CYL. HOPPER: Yel (12-79) Brown & Grn Decal

PR-139 PILLSBURY, CYL. HOPPER: Blue (5-79) Wht Decal

PR-140 GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, CYL. HOPPER: Salmon (6-77) Yel Decal

PR-141 HONEYMEAD, DYL. HOPPER: Antique Gold(11-79) Dk Brown Decal

PR-142 GTA GRAIN MARKETING, CYL. HOPPER: Grey (9-79) Blk, Red & Whit Decal

PR-143 KOPPEL INC., CYL. HOPPER: B&0 Blue (5-79)Yel Decal

PR-144 SUN OIL CO., TANK CAR: Blk 62′ (10-72) Wht,Yel, Red & Blue Decal

PR-146 WEYERHAEUSER CO., DIESEL HOOD UNIT:Railbox Yel (1981) Blk & Grn Decal

PR-148 NATIONAL LEAD CO., TANK CAR: Wht (1981)Blk & Blue Decal

PR-149 LAUHOFF, COV’D HOPPER: Wht “PS” (6-70)Wht, Blk & Gold Decal

PR-150 LAUHOFF, BOXCAR: Wht 50′ (3-75) Blk & Gold Decal

PR-151 PET, INC., BOXCAR: Blue 50′(1974) Wht Decal

PR-152 WEYERHAEUSER, BOXCAR: Olive/Yel 50′ (1-70) Wht, Grn & Blk Decal

PR-162 GEORGIA-PACIFIC, BOXCAR: Blue All-Door(1972) Wht Decal

PR-163 BURLINGTON ELECTRIC, HOPPER: Blk 6-Bay Wood Chip (1983) Wht Decal

PR- 164 PROCOR, TANK CAR: Blk (1985) Wht Decal

PR-165 TRAILER TRAIN, PIGGYBACK FLAT Blk & Yel “Front Runner” (1984) Wht, Blk & Yel Decal

PR-166 SIMPSON PAPER CO., COV’D HOPPER: White “ACF” 3-Bay (1989) Black & Red Decal

PR-167 Farmland Industries Inc., CYL, HOPPER: Gray (1979)Wht, Blk, Blue & Red Decal

PR-168 TROPICANA, MECH. REEFER: Orange 62′(1977) Gm, Blk, & Wht Decal

PR-153 BOISE CASCADE, BOXCAR: Grn 50′(1970) Wht Decal

PR-154 MORRISON-KNUDSEN, HOPPER Armour Yel (1975) Blk, Wht & Red Decal

PR-155 B&W CO-OP COV’D HOPPER: Wht 3-Bay (1965)Red, Wht, Blue & Blk Decal

PR-156 FRUIT GROWERS EXPRESS, BOXCAR: Harvest Yel 50′(4-82) Blk Decal

PR-157 PACIFIC FRUIT EXPRESS, REEFER: Orange or Wht (1970) Wht & Blk Decal

PR-158 UNION PACIFIC FRUIT EXPRESS, REEFER: Yel (1978) Wht, Elk, Blue & Red Decal

PR-159 GOV’T OF CANADA, CYL. HOPPER: Red (1982) Wht & Yel Decal

PR-160 U.S. D.O.T., DIESEL CAB UNIT: Red & Blue (1976) Orange, Red, Wht & Blk Decal

PR-161 MANUFACTURERS RAILWAYCO., BOXCAR: Grey & Blk 50′(1982) Wht & Red Decal