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Decal HOW To (1) 

For Best Results it is helpful to understand how a decal works (see the PDF)

  1. How to use Herald King Decals:   Cut out decal part as close to design as possible. Avoid applying large areas at one time, smaller pieces work better.
  2. Soak in luke warm water face up until decal slides easiy on backing.
  3. Slide decal slightly off backing and position on model. Press free end against model and slowly slide out backing. Slight adjustments can be made by carefully sliding decal with toothpick; if it’s too dry add a spot of water with toothpick.
  4. Using a clean, dry, lint free cloth wrapped around your finger roll air bubbles out working from center to edges. Excess glue cleans off easily after decals are applied.
  5. After decals are applied tip model at an anglr and apply solvent (Walthers’ Solvaset works best) to top edge of decal until it has dried as it becomes very soft.  DON’T lay model on it’s side until excess solvent has been removed.  If decal floats in a puddle of solution it will distort.
  6. When solvent has dried, clean model with a clean, damp cloth and give it a light spray of Dullcote

We recommend Testor’s Dull Coat or Clear Gloss in the spray can because it is compatible with “Herald King” decal lacquer. Other brands or types of over-spray should be tested before use as they could melt the decal or not adhere to it.


If the decal drys out the film will shrink and crack and fall apart when water releases it from the paper. This occurs most in winter when the humidity is very low or if the decal is subject to cold dry air such as in the mail or when left in standing cars for some time.

If decals get TOO WARM the film will also shrink and crack. WATER used for soaking the decal should be ROOM TEMPERATURE, because the decals are already at that temperature. Room temp will feel cool to the touch. Skin temp is about 85F and room temp is about 70F degrees.

BENDING will also crack the film.Herald King Decal application tips sheet 2

REMEMBER the amount of adhesive on the decal will very with weather and room air conditions.

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