Welcome to “The Herald King” Decals  2023
and still selling HO decals,
 We have been in business since the 1970’s and strive to continue to serve our loyal customer base. We are a mail order business.
Information for all “Herald King” decal sets is taken from actual railroad blueprints, or from the cars themselves. Special attention has been given to the smallest details. Number series, car classifications, dimentional data, end data, as well as heralds, road names and colors are as accurate as we can possibly make them. We do our best to make our decal sets satisy the most critical modeler, while making the decals themselves as easy to use as possible.
Our catalog has three sections, they are as follows:
Alphabetical RR INDEX:
This section lists HO decals in alphabetical road name. Also listed are PR private owner cars, data sets, stripes and special sets. UNAVAILABLE sets are also marked with a red X

Numeric decal INDEX

These pages list all of the available decal sets followed by the catalog page number of the corresponding diagram.

VISUAL RR Diagram Pages : These pages contain diagrams of all of the decal sets and are arranged according to type of equipment.

Pages beginning with : B – boxcar ; C – cabooses; F – flatcars; G – gondolas; H – hoppers; L – locomotives; O – Ore cars; P – passenger cars; T – tank cars; Z – piggyback trailers, and OT – old timers, S- stock cars

Approximate color matches are given where possible. Since color photos never show tue colors, color matches are generally only given if we have an actual paint chip to match. They are as close as we can get and will vary, of course, depending on how long the prototype has been in the weather.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Our brick and mortar store, Midwest Trains is gone now, but remaining inventory will be posted  Model Train STORE Catalog

Happy Railroading!