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We sell only in the continetal USA using USPS and Square Invoicing.

 Herald King HO decal Catalog

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Private Industry cars, our PR decal sets

PLEASE list acceptable alternate decals sets with your order in case one is out of stock.
                        USPS Expect Snail mail and Holiday delays
                             takes 7 business days now.
Herald King Decals here since 1970’s  to serve our loyal customer base.
We are a mail order business serving the USA.
all “Herald King” decal sets are taken from actual railroad blueprints, or from the cars themselves.
Special attention has been given to the smallest details.
        Number series, car classifications, dimensional data, end data,
        heralds, road names and colors are as accurate as we can possibly  make them. We do our best to make our decal sets satisfy the most  critical modeler while making the decals themselves as easy to use as possible.
Please be aware, we value our trademark and the quality of our decal sets.
E-bay has sellers using our trademark under our name. We can not guarantee the quality of decals from resellers.
Our decals have our logo on each HO decal set.
check sets avaialble in our alphabetical listing  or the INDEX link below.