Box Cars – B

Many of Our popular DT&I sets are no longer available.

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B-111    BOXCAR: Boxcar Red 40’/50′ (1-73) Blk & Wht Decal; page B3
B-112 HI-CUBE BOXCAR: Magenta (3-70) Yel & Wht Decal; page B5  
B-113   BOXCAR: Sky Blue or Brown 50′ (12-73) Blk & Wht Decal; page B8
B-114  X BOXCAR: Boxcar Red 50′ (11-79) Blk, Wht & Orange Decal   X
B-115    X  BOXCAR: Boxcar Red 50′ (11-79) Blk, Wht & Orange Decal   X
B-116    X  BOXCAR: Yel 40′ Insul. (12-79) Blk, Wht & Orange Decal       X
B-117    X  BOXCAR: Yel 50′ Insul. (10-79) Blk, Wht &Orange Decal        X
B-118    BOXCAR: Red 50′ Auto-box (11-79) Blk, Wht &Orange Decal; X page B20

B-119 HI-CUBE BOXCAR: Lt Grn (10-79) Blk, Wht &Orange Decal
BB-110  X    HI-CUBE BOXCAR: B1ue86′ (1981) Wht Decal   X
C-110     X  CABOOSE: Red & Yel (1-73) Blk & Wht Decal       X
C-411 CABOOSE: Red (11-79) Blk, Wht & Orange Decal
C-112 CABOOSE: Orange (1982) Wht Decal; page C8
G-110 GONDOLA: Blk (11-64) Wht & Red Decal; page G3

G-111 COV’D GONDOLA: Blk 52′ (3-72) Blk, Wht & Yel Decal
H-110 OPEN HOPPER: Blk (12-73) Wht & Red Decal; page H7
H-111   COV’D HOPPER: Grey (1-73) Blk & Wht Decal   X
H-112   X  COV’D HOPPER: Grey “ACF” (11-73) Blk Decal   X
H-113    X  COV’D HOPPER: Grey 2-bay (2-78) Blk Decal     X
H-114   X COV’D HOPPER: Grey “ACF” 3-bay.,,/10-79) Blk,Wht & Ornge  X
L-110   X  DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Orange (1-73) Blk & Wht Decal   X
L-112 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Orange (8-79) Blk, Wht & Orange Decal; page L17
L-113 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Blue & Orange (1983) Wht & Blk Decal; page L28


C-1260 CABOOSE: Red (1972) Blk & Wht Decal   x
H-1261 COV’D HOPPER: Lt. Grey “ACF” 2-Bay (6-76) Blk, Wht & Red Decal  x

B-112 X  DT&I no longer available