Stripes for diesel: nose, chevron, Side Sill Hash Marks, round reflectors

DS-1B, DS-1W, DS-1Y  HO Diesel Nose stripes, 45-degree chevrons  are not  available

DS-2 Diesel Nose Stripes, 30-degree Chevron in BLACK, WHITE, deep YELLOW

DS-2B, DS-2Y, DS-2W  decals are HO Diesel chevron 30 degrees in BLACK, deep YELLOW and WHITE

DS-3 decals are Diesel Side sill Hash Marks 45 degrees, includes 4″ Round Reflectors
4″ x 6″ Rectangular Reflectors in RED, WHITE, DEEP YELLOW

DS-3R, DS-3W, DS-3Y HO decal sets are Diesel side sill hash marks 45 degree

DS-4  Diesel side sill stripes

DS-4Y stripes in yellow
DS-4R stripes in red, DS-4W white is out of stock

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