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B-1270 X BOXCAR: Orange & Sand 50′ (7-78) Blk Decal   x


 B-1480 X BOXCAR: Gold 50′ (7-79) Blk Decal   x


C-740 X CABOOSE: Red (1953) Blk & Wht Decal   x


B-130 X BOXCAR: Boxcar Decal   x
B-131 BOXCAR: Big Sky Blue 51′ (12-74) Wht Decal pageB8 
B-132 X BOXCAR: Boxcar Red 40’/50′ (1-74) Wht Decal   x
C-130 CABOOSE: Red (Pre-1973) Wht Decal   pageC3
C-131 X CABOOSE: Maroon & Grey (1974) Yel Decal   x
G-130 GONDOLA: 31k (1974) Wht Decal    page G2

H-130 OPEN HOPPER: Boxcar Red (1972) Wht Decal  pageH1
H-131 X COV’D HOPPER: Grey “ACF” (1974) Elk Decal   x
H-132 COV’D HOPPER: Grey (1974) Blk Decal   x
H-133 OPEN HOPPER: 70 Ton, 3-bay, Blk (7-73) Wht Decal H6

H-134 X COV’D HOPPER: Grey “PS” (7-70) Blk Decal   x
L-130 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Maroon, Grey & Yel (1974) Yel, Maroon & Wht Decal   pageL9
L-131 DIESEL CAB UNIT: Maroon, Grey & Yel (1974) Yel, Maroon & Wht Decal  page L9
R-130 X MECH. REEFER: Reefer Orange 50′ (3-66) Blk Decal x
Z-130 PIGGYBACK VAN: Alum (2-76) Wht & Maroon Decal pageZ2


F-1220 PIGGYBACK FLAT: Wht (4-79) Blk, Grn & Blue Decal  page F2
H-1221 COV’D HOPPER: Wht “PS” 3-bay (1-78) Blk, Blue & Grn Decal  pageH13
Z-1220 PIGGYBACK VAN: Wht (1979) Blk, Blue & Grn Decal pageZ4


B-950 X BOXCAR: Blue 50′ (1-77) Wht Decal pageB12 F


B-610 BOXCAR: Boxcar Red 50′ (7-74) Wht Decal catalog pageB7
B-611  BOXCAR: Blk 50′ (5-78) Yel Decal is in stock
C-610 CABOOSE: Orange (1974) Blk Decal pageC4
C-611 X CABOOSE: Lt Grey (9-78) Red, Wht, Yel & Blk Decal pageC7
H-611 X COV’D HOPPER: Beige “PS” 3-bay (5-77) Blk Decal x

H-612 OPEN HOPPER: Blk, 80/100 Ton, 3-bay (4-77)Yel Decal page H14
L-610 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Grey (8-77) Blk, Wht, Yel & Red Decal pageL14
L-611 DIESEL SWITCHER: Grey (8-77) Blk, Wht, Yel &Red Decal
L-612 DIESEL SWITCHER: SW-1500, Grey (7-78) Blk,Wht, Yel & Red Decal pageL15
L-613 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Grey C30-7 Wht, Red, Yel &Blk Decal pageL25
Z-610 PIGGYBACK VAN: Alum (1-75) Red, Wht & Blue Decal pageZ2


B-1210 X BOXCAR: Red 50′ (9-77) Wht Decal  x
B-1211 BOXCAR: Blue 52′ (9-73) Wht Decal pageB16
B-1212 BOXCAR: Brt Red 52′ (9-73) Yel Decal pageB24
B-1213 BOXCAR: Blue 50′ (3-75) Yel Decal pageB24
F-1210 PIGGYBACK FLAT: Tuscan (3-78) Wht Deca pageF2
G-1210 GONDOLA: Red (8-73) Yel Decal page G5
H-1211 OPEN HOPPER: Red (8-73) Yel Decal page H17
L-1210 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Blue (1974) Yel Decal pageL20


B-460 X BOXCAR: Boxcar Red or Blue 40’/50′ (5-73)Blk & Wht Decal  x
B-461 BOXCAR: Yel 50′ (1-68) Blk Decal  pageB6
B-462 BOXCAR: Lt Grey 50′ (8-70) Blk & Wht Decal
B-463 BOXCAR: Orange 40′ (11-73) Blk & Wht Decal
B-464 HI-CUBE BOXCAR: Yel 86′ (3-70) Blk Decal
B-465 BOXCAR: Beige 50′ (2-73) Blk & Wht Decal
B-466 BOXCAR: Boxcar Red (9-74) Blk & Wht Decal pageB25
B-467 BOXCAR: Boxcar Red (6-78) Wht Decal pageB25
C-460 X CABOOSE: Wide Vision Red (1973) Blk & Wht Decal x
C-461 CABOOSE: Red & Wht (1974) Blk & Wht Decal pageC8
G-460 GONDOLA: Boxcar Red (1973) Wht Decal pageG2
H-460 OPEN HOPPER: Boxcar Red (9-73) Wht Decal pageH4
H-461 COV’D HOPPER: Lt Grey (10-72) Blk Decal pageH4
H-462 X OPEN HOPPER: Blk (10-76) Wht Decal  x
H-463 COV’D HOPPER: Grey “PS” (1974) Red & Blk Decal pageH21

L-460 DIESEL CAB UNIT: Mandarin Orange & Wht (1973) Orge & Wht Decal  pageL7
L-461 DIESEL HOOD UNIT: Mandarin Orange & Wht(1974) Orge Decal  L7

L-462 X DIESEL SWITCHER: Mandarin Orange & Wht (1974) Orange & Wht Decal  x
L-463 X DIESEL CAB UNIT: Target Red (1950) Gold, Wht& Blue Decal   x
L-463A DIESEL CAB UNIT: Target Red (1950) Wht Decal pageL21
L-464 DIESEL CAB UNIT: Target Red (1960’s) Yel, Wht & Blue Decal pageL21
T-460 TANK CAR: Blk (11-72) Wht Decal pageT1
Z-460 X PIGGYBACK VAN: Alum (1974) Red & Wht Decal  x

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