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Keep this page open as you browse our catalog & add items to the order. We’ll confirm your order by e-mail. SQUARE to invoice credit card orders (works like PayPal and is secure).  Please allow USPS at least 7-10 business days for delivery.  We limit sales to USA and Canada

Herald King Decal P.O. Box 1133 Bettendorf, IA 52722 , (563) 209-7646 or e-mail  heraldkingdecals@gmail.com with questions

HO decal set is $4.99ea, Due to USPS delays our shipping has changed. Standard USPS 1st class mail/is determined by wt OR request is for Expedited shipping: then $8.50 per order USPS 1st class, 2-3 day delivery with tracking  plus insurance if requested or for orders over $50.      All sales are final NO Cash Refunds. Thank you for the order. Back to Catalog

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Herald King Decals, P.O. Box 1133 Bettendorf, IA 52722 ,

(563) 209-7646  heraldkingdecals@gmail.com  

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Total # ___________ decals ordered at $4.99 each_____________
IA residents add 7% sales tax __________.*, plus  IA county for tax

+,plus cost of shipping _____________= TOTAL _______________

shipping/handling may vary for small orders= $1 per  1oz wt in a regular envelope (this will vary with your order) $8.50 for USPS Priority mail 2-day delivery with tracking

USPS/large orders of $100+ are sent USPS priority Mail with tracking and insurance add $13 to the order

Rev 03/26/2021